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Server Status: OPEN BETA
Game Server: Online
EXP Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 40x
Gold Rate: 100x
Party Rate: 70x




Good day Archians!


First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of updates and my absence within the game and here in the forum. Earlier in the year I was trying to solve some things in the game which I'm not happy about and it only lead me to frustration for not being able to solve most of those things. And now I'm back with some ideas I have in mind to help level and with the item hunting. 


Here are some things to expect for the next patch:


1. New enchantment system and interface

2. Easier leveling for 160 to 180

3. Dungeon drop rate and difficulty settings

4. Halloween Event (looking to accomplish the update before halloween comes)

5. Some fixes to bugs that were reported to Eris. 


If you have any more bugs to report and suggestions for the game feel free to post things on the forum.

Thank you for those who keeps on supporting Arch Luna!