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Server Status: OPEN BETA
Game Server: Online
EXP Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 40x
Gold Rate: 100x
Party Rate: 70x




Hey Archians!

I apologize for the sudden down time, I was having issues with the server as I was trying to resolve it without closing the server down, I still somehow managed to accidentally close down the luna servers. But the servers are already restarting as I am typing this. I made a few updates:

Bonus exp has been activated, but instead of having 50% (which was supposed to be from April 25-30) I've set it to a bonus of 30% from
April 20-30. ^_^

And vote coins cannot be anymore traded through guild storage.

Happy leveling everyone! 
And I apologize again for the sudden down time. :(
Have fun in game and have a great day!