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Server Status: OPEN BETA
Game Server: Online
EXP Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 40x
Gold Rate: 100x
Party Rate: 70x




Hey Archians!

I know you've all been teased by Eris with the things we've been working on. I've been working on the update the past few weeks and we're already at around 50% of completion. We've been able to add the new content to the client and now I'm working on the server side of things. We're estimating to have this completed mid way of April, but of course this will be subject to change depending on the situation. We won't be having any mini patches for now since I'm planning to finish this as early as possible but we will still be having some weekly restarts for the server to refresh and have a little break so it can run smoothly.

So what exactly are you gonna expect for this update?
New maps
New dungeons
New PvP event area
Guild Dungeon
New mounts
Old and new rides will be released 
New pets
New monsters
New Raid boss
New Golden boss
New Costumes
New Weapons, Armors and Accessory sets
Improving Farming , Fishing and Guild Tournament rewards
There will be some balancing changes but those are still under discussion

We've completed adding most of those however they're not 100% functional yet, so that's what I'm doing at the moment. We will also be having a donation package as a preparation for the update (Details will be posted by Eris in the next few hours). After the update we'll start working on the bugs, we decided to go for the update first before taking on some of the bugs such as castle siege, so we can take on bugs all at once along with the possible bugs with the new contents. 

Well that's about the news on our upcoming update. I hope everyone's prepared for the new update ^_^
We're as much as excited as you guys to release it ^_^ so we're working double time for the release ^_^
For any comments and suggestions, feel free to post in our suggestion area and we'll see if we can include those in our update ^_^
Have fun in-game and thank you all for your continuous support! ^_^