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Server Status

Server Status: OPEN BETA
Game Server: Online
EXP Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 40x
Gold Rate: 100x
Party Rate: 70x




I will have our weekly server maintenance tonight at 7AM server time (UTC - 5)

Patch Details:

Bonus Rates will be removed, and will return to our server rates.

-Weapon shards increased chance of success in fishing
-Returned Legendary Anvil in Badge shop (Still exchanged with medallion)
-Item drops on Nera Harbor boss and Knights Graveyard boss has been updated
-Now drops some items as an alternative to using uniques such as Advanced Knife, Euryales etc.
-Effect of Legendary staff and wand, added Legendary: Drop +25%
-Armor box (135) now has the chance to drop shield pieces

System changes:
-Raid boss is not affected by any debuff, except for Damage over Time debuffs
-Max level changed to 170
-Daily dungeon quest ToD hard and CE advanced upgraded to be accessible until 170
-Dungeon ToD hard and CE advanced upgraded to be accessible until 170
-New Map added (Starry Heaven)
-Open PvP map
-Can move there through portal from alker or through map move scroll
-Allows PK without adding PK points, No exp penalty, PK can be turned off any time.
-Looting is turned off, which means you don't lose any item or exp even in pk mode.
-Point system: you earn 1 point each time you kill a player with different guild and level gap is from 5 levels below, to any level above. Which means that killer will not gain any point if his level is 6 levels higher than the target. 
-Random spawn point, to avoid camping
-Turn off PK and use map move or return to bind to leave the map

Note: This point system will be used for website rankings, the points will only be viewed through website. when our web developers finishes the website functions.

Some map crashes will still arise, because I still wasn't able to trace what is causing random map crash of our server. 

This will be patched automatically, but we will provide manual patch for future reference.

I hope you guys like the new patch! Enjoy!