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Server Status: OPEN BETA
Game Server: Online
EXP Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 40x
Gold Rate: 100x
Party Rate: 70x



ALO Rules

Game & Forum Rules



The Arch Luna Staff has all the rights to enforce strict rules to the betterment of the game. They have the privileges to take actions in case of mishap. The team can suspend, ban or permanently terminate the accounts of rule breakers. They have the right to lock any accounts during investigation of illegal acts. They also have the right to remove, change or modify the rules that has already been given.

Character Creation. Avoid the use of obscene and explicit in-game name (IGN) on any form or language. Do not use or copy the name of any Arch Luna Staff.

Megaphone Shoutbox. English is the only language allowed on megaphone shout. Spamming and sending messages with all capital letters, multiple symbols and characters are prohibited. It is also advised to keep the shoutbox clean from fights, trash talks, cursing, trolling, taunting and swearing. Avoid bypassing the filters. The shoutbox is for trading/buying/selling items, party/guild recruitment and for questions and answers.

Respect. All players are expected to show respect to all players and Arch Luna Staff.

Bug Report. Players are encouraged to report any bugs to the Arch Luna Development Team. Exploitation of bugs for personal gains can result to account termination. The Arch Luna Team has the right to take corrective actions, e.g shutting the servers or rolling back game data, to rectify critical bugs.

Cheating. Under any circumstances, the use of cheats, automation software, bots, hacks, or any modifications to the game files is strictly prohibited. Hacking and game files modification may cause a permanent removal of accounts of the players who will be found guilty of the illegal act.

Accounts. Players shall be responsible for their own account and password disclosure. A staff will NEVER ask for your password or your username. The Staff will not be held responsible for any loss of account and anything that may happen to your account such as loss of items or gold.

Advertising. Advertising of other Luna Private Server, in any form, is prohibited and can result to permanent deletion of account.

Donations. Arch Luna Online is a Free to Play private server of Luna Plus. Donations is our only way to be able to maintain providing players our services and hosting of our server. No one is obligated to send donations, these are considered as gifts from players and as a sign of gratitude we continue giving our services and we reward them with points that they can use to purchase in-game items.


(Punishment will be decided by the Game Master/Admin)

Shoutbox Violation.

Illegal and Offensive Character and Guild Name.

Grief Playing (Kill Stealing and Claiming Spot or any offenses that shows greediness).

Harassment and Discrimination.

Racial, Religion and Sexual Slur.

Insulting and Flaming.

Cheating, Hacking, Botting (includes using Macro), Bug Exploitation, System Abuse, File Manipulation, Using Illegal Third Party Softwares.

Staff Impersonation.

Real Money Trading.

Buying and Selling Items and Golds outside Arch Luna.

Scamming and Stealing Items through Trades.

Selling or Trading of Accounts




English is the only language allowed on the Chatbox and Forum. However, we made an International forum where you can post and talk on your own native language. Note: If you want a specific thread for your country, don't hesitate to send a request.

Remain respectful to all Members, Moderators and Administrators. All members are prohibited to do the following: Racism, Discrimination, Derogatory remarks against a member’s sexual preference, Trolling, Posting personal attacks on another member.

Keep your posts clean. Avoid putting obscene images, video, sites and other media. We also prohibit all members on talking in abusive and vulgar language. Avoid ranting, dramas and spreading rumors in your posts.

Do not, in any form, promote, advertise or mention other Private Server of Luna Online and other games, even censoring the name of the private server with asterisk is not allowed.

Signature size limit has changed to 500x200 pixels.




1. Topics should be relevant to the forum thread. Make sure you read the description before posting.

2. Members are expected to write “normally”. Avoid using All-Capital Letters or Alternate Caps on your topic title and message. Do not post excessive number of emoticons, symbols, punctuations or similar and repetitive letters. Keep your posts simple and appealing to the readers.

3. Do not post large images that may distort the forum or style of the forum. You can also use thumbnails instead of big images.

4. Use the proper format when you are submitting a player report, bug and suggestions. The staff may deny your report if you will not follow the format.

5. Avoid spamming, posting multiple threads with the same topic and double posting on replies.

6. You may only BUMP your topic THRICE.

7. Do not revive the dead threads.