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Server Status: OPEN BETA
Game Server: Online
EXP Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 40x
Gold Rate: 100x
Party Rate: 70x



Welcome to ALO - Luna Plus!

Arch Luna Online is a Luna Plus private server, designed to give players a wider content and slightly different game play for all types of players to enjoy!


News and Updates

Good day Archians!   First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of updates and my absence within the game and here in the forum. Earlier in the year I was trying to solve some things in the game which I'm not happy about and it only lead me to frustration for not being able to solve most of those things. And now I'm back with some ideas I have in mind to help level and with the item hunting.    Here are some things to... Read More
Hey Archians! I apologize for the sudden down time, I was having issues with the server as I was trying to resolve it without closing the server down, I still somehow managed to accidentally close down the luna servers. But the servers are already restarting as I am typing this. I made a few updates: Bonus exp has been activated, but instead of having 50% (which was supposed to be from April 25-30) I've set it to a bonus of 30% from April 20-30. ^_^ And vote coins cannot be... Read More
Hey Archians! I know you've all been teased by Eris with the things we've been working on. I've been working on the update the past few weeks and we're already at around 50% of completion. We've been able to add the new content to the client and now I'm working on the server side of things. We're estimating to have this completed mid way of April, but of course this will be subject to change depending on the situation. We... Read More
With the Friend Referral System, you can invite your friends to join and play Arch Luna Plus. All you have to do is to fill up the form below. Enter your name and your friend's email address. After you click the INVITE MY FRIEND button, an Invitation will be sent to your friend's email address. Rewards will be given to you if your friend accepts the invitation by creating an account with the given link in the email and passed the requirements. Requirement... Read More
Secondary Password has been enabled to login to the game. Login to the website to be able to register your desired password.  See here for complete steps on how to add secondary password:
Hey Archians!   We added a new voting site! Help us get our community larger by voting our Arch Luna on those sites! This will also help you get more vote coins for your character's needs!  Remember, you can start voting once you've got atleast one of your character so level 110!   I would also like to remind everyone, our donation promo is still running! You can check out the details in our... Read More
Starting at Friday, 6pm server time. We will have a double drops for all Unique Items. From Runic Boxes to Arch Core and pieces. From Accessories to Armor boxes.  This will end on Sunday 11:59 Server Time!  Server Time is (UTC - 5)  Happy Hunting
Hi Archians!   Website features are now working such as login, change pass, donate and vote. More features are coming
Registration page is working, it may show you error after entering your details, but it gets added to our system. So you can use the registration to make your game
I will have our weekly server maintenance tonight at 7AM server time (UTC - 5) Patch Details: Bonus Rates will be removed, and will return to our server rates. Items: -Weapon shards increased chance of success in fishing -Returned Legendary Anvil in Badge shop (Still exchanged with medallion) -Item drops on Nera Harbor boss and Knights Graveyard boss has been updated -Now drops some items as an alternative to using uniques such as Advanced Knife, Euryales etc. -Effect of Legendary... Read More
Our server is now back online.  To patch your client, download and extract the manual patch to your Arch Luna Online folder:!RYgF1SwK!GLW1mUKpxcTTPolsCy5FyBeCt_sFRxQHhNAtTS3NvDY   Our registration server is currently unavailable because of the transfer of server and unable to backup files. For those who want to register, Email me these details to Username: Password:  Email... Read More
We know that there are a lot of luna online players coming from Indonesia. Therefore,we plan to develop our own server in this country. Our goal to do so is to decrease Lag so that the game would be more fun and comfortable to play. we,actually,need some amount of cost for the sake of the server installation in Indonesia and also to choose the best computer. The situation above urge us to find out a special donor to support our finance in realizing the... Read More